Movie Nights with Friends

For the Girls (and Guys too)

What is the best kind of movie to watch with friends? One that you can quote years after watching it! Mean Girls is one of the most quotable movies of all time, with lines like “You go Glen Coco” and “She doesn’t even go here” that you can repeat with your friends for years to come. If you like romance, laughing at high school drama, great acting, and a plot that keeps you guessing this is the movie for you!

Just in case you haven’t seen Mean Girls yet, here’s a basic overview of what you’re getting into:

Cady Heron is a new student at a cookie cutter public American high school. Why do we care? She’s never been to a ‘real’ school before. Up to this point in her life Cady has been homeschooled while living in Africa with her parents. They never specify where in Africa, but if you can overlook this left out detail the movie is rather enjoyable. Follow Cady as she experiences cliques, popularity, and betrayal when she infiltrates the most popular group in school, ‘the Plastics’, and learns how to be a real friend.

A Throwback

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a great movie to watch, even though it’s a little dated. Recently it’s gotten a lot of attention with the release of a third instalment in 2020, Bill and Ted Face the Music. This movie is worth watching as a standalone and is also incredibly quotable! Fun fact: the Circle K gas stations were named after the one in this movie where Ted exclaims, “strange things are afoot at the Circle K”. If you like Keanu Reeves, comedy, and exaggerated and ridiculous acting then this movie is for you!

Here’s a little sneak peak of the plot:
Bill and Ted have started a band together, but they’re in danger of failing history class (and thus ruining the rest of their lives). Ted’s father threatens to send him to military school and break up their newly formed band. As they consider what to do a man from the future named Rufus appears and explains he’s here to help save their history grade. Bill and Ted then travel back in time with the help of Rufus’ time machine to learn from important historical figures like So-crates, Sigmund Freud, and Beeth-oven.

Warning: This movie is problematic. It is sexist in its portrayal of women, I would argue racist in it’s portrayal of Genghis Khan and the lack of inclusion of non-Western historical thinkers, and homophobic with its use of the f-word slur (be warned). I do not want to recommend this movie without acknowledging these negative aspects. I would argue it still holds worth as a silly movie with an overall positive message for it’s audience encapsulated in Bill and Ted’s message for us all to “be excellent to each other”.

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